Or Not

I need to find myself a party to attend because if I don’t my funeral dress will go to waste. lol. The friend who was supposed to go with me got knocked out by a killer sinus infection at the very last moment, and was unable to go. I had planned on going anyway but I’d never been to the church and didn’t really have any of the details as the Sinus Guy was the facilitator of the whole thing. Soooo…. I didn’t end up going. I felt really bad, like all day about it because I really wanted to be there, but I guess it just wasn’t in the cards. Now I have this dress and no where to go. lol. I guess I’ll have to talk Kevin into taking me out for a nice dinner or something? I had a terrible time trying to find shoes too. Two stores later and I had given up.

In other news, I FINALLY have an appointment for a new tattoo next Tuesday!! I’ve only been trying to get another one for… four years now? lol. We finally have the extra cash, and I’m not pregnant or dying of renal failure. I’m kind of OCD about symetry and it has been KILLING ME only having one tattoo on the right side of my body. Adding to this awkwardness I also got my lip pierced on the right side (so Kevin and I wouldn’t get caught together since his is pierced on the left lol). I am so completely uneven right now. That’s partially why I always wear my hair to the left lol it kind of balances me out a bit. ANYWAY random weird tangent… yes. I’ll be getting the date of our anniversary tattooed on my left shoulder blade, with some sort of picture/symbol of how my life started to change when I married Kevin. I’m torn between several at the moment so I can’t get too much more specific, but it will be grand, and obviously I’ll post pictures when it stops being scabby and ugly.

I was going to get my Mom tattoo, but decided I would be better off waiting until we found out what Baby 2’s birth flower will be. Kind of a funny but sad story, going back through my life I realized that all of my children (two misscarriages and Nora) weren’t really planned. I mean obviously the misscarriages weren’t planned, but the initial pregnancies weren’t planned either. Baby 2 is the only kiddo that we are fully anticipating. lol. (I’ll have to delete this post when Nora starts exploring the interwebs.) Nora wasn’t like an: “uh oh” like the first two but we weren’t really 100% ready either. Who is 100% ready to bring a new life into the world, really? I am sooooooooo thankful for her every single day. Especially with all of my previous troubles. We may not have been 100% ready, but she came at exactly the right time.

Speaking of Nora, the little rascle was playing in her walker and I set the broom down to step into the kitchen for a moment. This kid snatches the broom like a ninja and starts whipping it all over the place! She knocked everything she could find off of shelves and almost skewered me in the eye while I was trying to get the broom back. lol. There are pictures that I’ll try to the share here because until you can see her face you can’t really understand the hilarity of the moment. As soon as I figure out how to add them into  the post from my desktop blogging thing I will.

Anyway, I’m going to try to get to be a little earlier tonight. Try being the key word there. lol Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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