I Really Need To Do More Shopping

Nora and I spent most of the afternoon yesterday shopping. I discovered that since I’ve lost so much weight and gained so much chest with pregnancy that I no longer had any appropriate funeral attire. It’s really depressing actually that the only time I go out clothes shopping is when I have a funeral to attend… it also means that most of my nice clothes are drab and black. lol. Which is actually NOT what I choose to wear now that neon has made a come back. lol. It is what it is I suppose. I found a cute dress that was reasonably priced, and while appropriate for the services this Thursday is still spunky enough for me to wear out and about. If I ever get out and about. lol. I at least have that option now!

Nora also experienced her first taste of an ice cream cone when we stopped for lunch. lol.

She wasn’t exactly sure how she felt about it, but it certainly didn’t stop her from eating most of the cone lol She also attempted to eat her cheeseburger in one bite. lol. She doesn’t mess around when it comes to food, but the weird thing is that as fast as she shovels it in she manages to stay really clean more often than not. lol.

Nora is currently racing circles around the living room in her walker. She’s discovered that she can move now and she is REALLY enjoying it. She has her little arms up in the air squeeling at the top of her lungs just going around and around and around. lol. It’s adorable, but it is giving me a migraine with the screaming. lol. I think I’m going to get off of here and entertain her with something else. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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