A Writer’s Lament

I’m feeling better today. I spent all day yesterday cleaning my poor neglected house and yard which really helped me work off some of the adrenaline I’d accumulated over the events of last week, and it was WAY more productive than picking fights with bears and thugs. lol. Now that I can focus again, I’ve been going back through all of my old posts trying to find some that I was asked to delete. Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t have even considered it, but really, it was the least I could do so I set about to delete things. I think I got them all, but since the request was kind of vague, I’m not 100% sure. But there you go. I tried, my parting gift to you. 

I’m contemplating deleting something else I was dilligently working on last week too. I’m definitly NOT going to publish it, but now I’m not exactly sure what to do with it. I did submit it for CampNaNo but no one will actually read it. It just runs through their word count software and I get a shiny web button. lol. For those who’ve been here for a while, yes. It was the Dark and Twisty posts I alluded to. I retitled it Red Hands, White Knuckles after the song of the same title by The Bravery because after I got started I realized that what I had wasn’t so bad after all.

I had forgotten about so many of the good memories associated with all of my deep dark memories. I guess it was because I was so focused on being angry for all of these years, but the farther I went back, the more I remembered the awesome times and I had to change the title. It still doesn’t change the way things are, it just kind of made the happy ending a little sweeter.

Speaking of endings…. Nora is starting to fuss, so I better stop here Bloggies. Until later 🙂

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