The Days I Hate Nowheresville

Grocery shopping is always a chore, but recently I completely dread leaving the house and going to the store. People are just RUDE. Like completely and obviously RUDE here lately, employees, other customers management to the point where I almost want to launch a campaign to cooperate. Me, little old me who worked in customer service for so long and understand how difficult it can be dealing with the public.

It is THAT bad. It just kind of started out of the blue a few months ago when new managers and people from out of town started popping up as employees. I don’t know where all the fellow Nowheresvillians went or why, but their replacements are persnickety and hate life. At first I just thought people were having a bad day, but after several weeks of the same treatment I just dread it, mostly because it is SO hard not to flip out on people. For example: yesterday when we were out of literally EVERYTHING in the house, and I finally psyched myself up enough to get to the store and while I was navagating the aisles with Nora people were constantly stopping in front of me. I was doing my best to stay out of the way and it’s not like the store was packed or anything, but EVERY SINGLE TIME I stopped to look at something some one would waltz right up and stop in front of me to look at the same thing. One lady did it to me TWICE, so the second time I pushed her cart out of the way and grabbed what I needed. She said: "Well that was rude!" I replied: "Was it? Was it rude? So is being in my way down this entire aisle!!" She huffed off out of my way, and as I also moved on to the next aisle after Kevin’s Hamburger Helper some lady in a motorized wheel chair RAN OVER MY FOOT. No apology, no oops, no no. It was MY fault that I was in her way. Which I hadn’t been.

The real kicker was when I was checking out. I try to keep our groceries mostly organic just because I like the taste better and they tend to fill me up. It doesn’t HAVE to be organic, I just like it and I figured if I’m going to spend money on it I might as well get something I like. I wasn’t dressed up or anything, just rocking my holey leggings and baggy tee but I really didn’t feel the need to get fancy for Kroger’s. Yes I was there in the middle of the day, and yes I wasn’t dressed to impress but when these people with a cart load of junk walked by, stared at me and said: "Nice to see our tax dollars at work there. If we didn’t have it taken out of OUR checks maybe we could afford that fancy food." I about lost it, but instead I just waited my turn in line and made a giant show of pulling my shiny bank debit card out of my wallet and loudly saying: "Gee! It’s so nice that my husband has a sallary which provides more than enough money for me to stay at home with our daughter, own a home, two cars, and pay our bills. So we DON’T have to rely on the system to buy nice things. NOT THAT IT’S ANYONE’S BUSINESS."

I am SO OVER these small town dynamics where everyone is so competitive and sensative about social status. Kevin and I choose to live frugally, and responsibly so yes we have some nice extra things, and I don’t care if I don’t have the latest designer fashion or newest phone. I don’t care that my house is "small" by most standards, even though it’s more than enough for us now and in the future. I don’t care that I don’t have a brand new car, or any of that. Clearly, as I was wearing holey leggings and a baggy tee out in public. I mean people are people. We’re comparative by nature, it happens. I have been guilty of it myself but GAH. It is ALL THE TIME here, and I just want to flip desks and smash things when I go out in public. At least locally. I don’t mind getting out of town, but GAH. I really don’t have anything else to say but inaudible screams. lol

Anyway, it’s getting late in the morning and Kevin is ready to go looking for a new air rifle for squirrel season. He’s sitting here asking me: "Are you ready? I’m ready. You should be ready." lol. Until later Bloggies. 🙂   

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2 thoughts on “The Days I Hate Nowheresville

  1. What a bunch of dimwits! One can only hope making their mistaken judgment on you will teach them not to maker such judgments in the future. I wouldn’t hold my breath, though.

    I would though point out, not to be critical, but think on this. If these are new managers et. al. coming into a place that even you who live there call “Nowheresville”, it’s not too surprising that they dislike being deposited there. Doesn’t excuse their actions, but might help explain them.

    And may be putting you all there is God’s way of teaching you patience and kindness in the face of ass-hattery. AMaybe it’s all one big learning experience.


  2. lol. I’m 100% sure it’s all a learning experience, especially since I can be kind of dense some times lol. It’s still very frustrating! I’ll just keep on keeping on waiting for my lightbulb moment. 🙂


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