A Bad Reaction

Nora has some sort of food allergy, or food intolerance, because yesterday afternoon she had a reaction very similar to my reaction when I eat peanuts. IT SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME.

I was sitting on the couch writing and she was playing in her walker like she has been for the past several weeks when all of the sudden her little face turned from happy to scared, she threw her head back and started screaming. I jumped up to see what happened and picked her up. She continued to writhe around in my arms in pain fussing and crying, until she got instantly silent closed her eyes and sort of went limp and got all sweaty. It was only for a few seconds before she opened her eyes and started fussing again but O. M. G. Kevin was in the shower getting ready for work and I rushed in and tried to tell him what was wrong, but I was in panic mode and didn’t really know what to say. Nora started to recover, and I got my wits back enough to call the doctor. I pulled out my phone and pulled up the number in my contacts and dialed. When the receptionist answered it wasn’t the usual receptionist, and it wasn’t our doctors office. We take Nora to a small new practice. It’s part of the big hospital here in Nowheresville so everything is networked together, but it should have been: Hello, Pediatrics of Blah Blah, not Witham Pediatrics. I figured as long as I got through to A DOCTOR which office they were at was irrelevent so I started rambling through the description of what happened and waited for the nurse to get back to me. I was so worried and distracted giving out my details to the nurse was quite a feat. lol. She asked for my name and phone number. I gave her my name, and rattled of a phone number but for the life of me I couldn’t remember if it was correct. Thankfully it WAS, and the nurse returned my call promptly. I’m just supposed to monitor her closely and take her to the ER if anything else unusual happens.

GAH I need a drink. lol. Or at least to get out for a while this weekend. I think now that I’ve finally put the finishing touches on my mom tattoo as long as we have the cash I’m going to go do that. It’s also Dad in Law’s birthday this weekend, so we’re going over there for a cook out thing. They finally got their pool up and running last week so as long as the weather cooperates that’s what Nora and I will be doing. I still can’t believe how much that kid loves water. lol.

Anyway… Nora is napping and I need to go check on her. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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