Oh to Be Average

For those of you just joining us on my weight loss journey, I am officially ONE POUND away from the overweight category on my BMI chart!! I’ve been stuck in the obese category for several years following some health problems, so downgrading to overweight is really exciting!! I’ve lost 40lbs since the peak of my pregnancy, and 12lbs off of my prepregnancy weight. Just 20 more pounds to go until I reach the ever allusive average category. Yipee!!

I’ve never been of average weight my entire life. I’ve always been on the chunky side, which doesn’t bother me as far as looks go, but I just felt so sick all the time. I could never really run, or participate in any sort of endurance sports, and thanks to the gene pool I will always have a gut. I have an extremely womanly shape, and always have. Ginormous knockers, and hefty childbaring hips which make finding stylish clothes pretty much impossible. I mean what fits right when your boobs are an extra large and your waist is a medium? Shirts that fit my torso, my boobs are falling out of, and shirts that fit my boobs make me look like a whale because they are so baggy and falling off everywhere else. lol. There really isn’t a happy medium for girls shaped like me so looks have never really been my top priority. I embraced my chunky self and went about my business.

Until about 3 years ago when my body put on the brakes, laughed in my face, and put me in the hospital with an entire host of stress enduced drama. I had migraines so severe for a while they thought I was having strokes, my hormones were out of control causing massive hemorrhaging that nearly killed me, my heart was racing making my blood thinner than it already was, and my kidneys and liver decided that they were no longer going to function properly until everything else calmed down. I was a complete disaster. In fact, until we conceived Nora I was still a disaster. Something about pregnancy fixed all of my other problems. Balanced the hormones, boosted my blood production, and I’m sure my prenatal vitamins had a lot to do with my kidneys and liver stepping up their game. The only thing that remained as a reminder of my brush with massive organ failure was the extra weight I packed on during my mandatory bed rest. All 40lbs of it.

I had slowly been fighting with those stubborn "sick" pounds before we decided we wanted a family, but nothing was working. Diet, exercise, nothing was working. It was just sitting there, still stressing me out. I managed to knock off about ten pounds with hardcore exercise, but then I stalled. I had all but given up, resigned to the fact that I was just going to be extra chubby and then we found out I was pregnant. Instead of losing all hope, I decided that I was going to take charge of my pregnant body and really watch what I ate, and exercise as much as I could with out endangering the Little. By doing this I gained the recommended 30lbs, which fell off completely after Nora was born. It was the boost of encouragement I needed to continue to push through my weight loss adventure.

Again, I tried all my previous methods and stalled about ten pounds in. Then out of the blue, I decided to check out this whole My Fitness Pal thing. I started using it back in February, and it’s worked WONDERS for me. True, it’s a little slower than a lot of other diet and exercise plans out there, but I’ve managed to lose the weight AND keep it off. Other than my normal because I’m a woman weight fluxuations I haven’t regained a single pound. It feels awesome, and I’m excited to see where the next few months will bring me.

Anyway, Nora is ready for her breakfast. Until later Bloggies! 🙂 

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