A Little Bit of Controversy

Out of all the controversial topics I could post about. I’m picking one that isn’t new and has been going on for a while. This here is a doll complete with "boobs" that mimics a breast feeding baby. Now, while I AM pro breastfeeding, I think this doll is unecessary. I’m not really offended by it as far as the concept goes, because it’s completely okay for kids to mimic a healthy behavior, but the fact that they went so far as to include fake breasts, and that it’s soul marketting, at least everything I’ve seen for it, has been riding souly on the controversy it creates. I mean practically the ONLY thing I’ve seen about it has been people making fun of it, or completely bashing the idea in general. Which I’m not trying to do.

I AM going to say that Nora won’t ever own one of these dolls, simply for the fact that it’s a waste of money. I remember "nursing" my favorite stuffed animal when I was little. It didn’t scar me forever, I’m not some perverted weirdo, (unless you consider breastfeeding perverted then I guess I am) and I didn’t have to strap on fake boobs or buy a special doll to mimic and learn. It’s a waste of money, plain and simple, so there you go. That’s my opinion on the doll. Feel free to leave your own in my comments. I want to have an open discussion.

Moving on to other controversial topics…

I’ve been wrestling around with how I feel about this whole DOMA thing. Kevin and I are in a traditional one man one woman relationship so it doesn’t DIRECTLY affect us, but I do have many LBGT friends and family whom it DOES directly effect. I’m also a Christian so I felt like I SHOULD have some sort of opinion on the matter but in all honesty I don’t. My philosophy on Homosexuality is basically that it’s a choice, but because of God’s gift of free will people are going to make that choice, and shouldn’t be treated any differently for it. I mean, share the Truth in love and all, but I personally don’t think the marriage thing is such a big deal. I understand why people are disheartened and upset by it. I do, but again. Because of God’s gift of free will, people are going to continue to choose this lifestyle. It clearly doesn’t matter if marriage is legally defined one way or another.

I also believe that a lot of what is going on in the world is necessary. There are things in the Bible that need to happen before the Second Coming, and most of what is happening will facilitate those things. It’s scary, it’s not fun to think about everything you know and love changing especially when it just breaks your heart watching people slip farther and farther away from your ideals. So I completely understand how some people are so distraught over the whole thing. What people forget so many times before they go off tyrading is that nothing happens with out purpose, and every single thing works towards God’s glory. That’s my take on it anyway. But of course it’s all up to interpretation so I’m sure people will disagree with me on this point.  Basically I guess my opinion boils down to this: While I won’t go out of my way to support the LGBT agenda, I don’t truly OPPOSE it either, and I love my LGBT friends and family from the bottom of my heart and I don’t want anything but happiness for them.

Let’s see… is there anything else highly controversial going on that I can toss in this post? lol. I think that’s just about all the controversy this blog can handle right now. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Controversy

  1. On DOMA, I think the thing to remember as a Christian is that laws were designed to regulate the FALLEN world. I grieve for a society where this is even an issue, but is was a badly worded law that was bound to get thrown out. I think Jesus would probably have us paraphrase what he told Peter about John: “What if they reject that man’s law, YOU follow Me.”


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