Home Again

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Our trip was an. Awesome success except for the rain. I actually didn’t mind it because I’m not really a big fireworks type gal anyway, but it was REALLY wet. My parents have a nice covered patio deck thing so we were still able to enjoy the traditional family cook out. Kevin actually got to do the grilling this year. A right of passage for all Son in Laws. Lol Nora ate so much her little belly button poked out, but she enjoyed every bite and actually got mad at us for taking her snacks away for a while. She’s going through a massive growth spurt right now. Like I can physically tell that she’s grown significantly over the past few days, so she is eating like a ravenous little monster. That kid sure loves her big people food. She is such as easy eater too. She’ll eat just about anything we put in front of her, and even if she decides she doesn’t like it she’ll at least try it. I can only hope she remains that way through out toddlerhood. Lol

Lets see…. What else did we do while we were out? Oh Kevin and I went to one of our favorite local bars for our annual get out of the house alone with an adult beverage trip. Lol. It’s really the only time we really like going out to this particular bar because its mostly empty. Yes. I know most people go to bars to socialize, but we go to hide from people lol.

I am supremely glad to be home right now though. I’m reeeeeeeeally tired from all that driving. I kind of want to just curl up in a ball and take a nice long nap. Hey, I actually think I will. Lol until later Bloggies!!