Walk a Mile

My toes are bruised Bloggies. Why? Because my Little has been running over them with her walker like it’s her job. Lol she just wants to be close to me and she is SOOOO excited to be learning how to use her legs I can’t be mad at her, but purple toes are painful not to mention unattractive during the summer shoe less months lol. It’s still really weird that I can just say: “come on Nora lets go this way” and she scoots right along behind me. I’ve always KNOWN she was just a tiny person, but to see her growing and learning and actually BECOMING this small person is still so weird. I still can’t really believe it I guess.

I mean I’ve always known I wanted to be a mom but after so many missteps along the way with my failed relationships and miscarriages that came with them I had really all but given up. Even from the beginning I always told Kevin that there was a chance that we might not be able to have children. So when we decided to start trying for kids we never thought it would happen so fast, or be so easy. So it’s still kind of like is this real? I’m not sure when or if it will actually sink in lol.

Oh, and now as I type Nora has scooted out of view!! Until later Bloggies 🙂

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