My Little threw her first public fit yesterday afternoon. It wasn’t a full blown freak out tantrum but she was very squealy and angry. The reason behind this fit? We were at a restaurant eating lunch and I wouldn’t give her the spoon to feed herself. If we were at home I’d let her have it because it’s something she needs to learn, and I would be the one cleaning up the resulting mess, but when we’re out in public I’m in control of the utensils. Or at least I was until today when she absolutely REFUSED to eat unless she could wrangle the fork for herself. So I got her a plate, handed her the fork and let her go. She shoveled a few bites in before ditching the fork and finished with her fingers just as happy as could be. I was so proud and yet felt so useless at the same time. She doesn’t need me to feed her anymore. *tears*

But, like I said in a previous post somewhere, she definitely won’t have any trouble taking care of herself, or growing up into a strong independent woman. Which is my goal as far as parenting goes. lol. To have her eventually leave the nest so to speak, so… lol.

After lunch we went to the pool for about an hour. She was kind of unsure at first, but soon started splashing and kicking away like it was her job. We got some more nasty looks from other parents at the pool who had their kids wrapped up in so many life preservers and jackets that they barely got wet. Nora was rocking just her adorable little swim suit and hat, but she also never left my arms. I kind of wanted to get her a floaty of some kind just because we were at a public pool and accidents happen, but she’s so small they don’t make any in her size. She’s still in 3-6month swim wear. There are NO floaties for kids under 18 months. I guess no one takes their babies to the pool? At least that’s kind of what I gathered from all the looks we were getting. And I was even wearing my tankini covering up my stretch marks this time!! So I know it wasn’t because I was flaunting my gloriously post baby “ruined” body.

Meh, whatever. Nora loves the pool and I’m not going to deny her something she enjoys just because random strangers think I shouldn’t have her in the pool. I really hope Kevin’s dad can get the liner in their pool replaced here soon, then I won’t have to worry about obnoxious strangers. We can swim all day everyday if we want without judgement lol.

We were actually going to buy one of those blue inflatable deals because they were on super sale last week, but their life span isn’t the greatest, and even though it was an amazing deal I’d rather not ruin my lawn for something that’s only going to last a year or two. Especially since we can swim in an actual pool at Kevin’s Dad’s. So for now we’re with out a private pool, and will make due with the obnoxious strangers.

Nora also had her first hair trim yesterday. It wasn’t even an inch, but her baby hair had grown out into her eyes and it needed to be cleaned up a little bit. She did surprisingly well with the holding still and new experience side of things. I kind of thought she was going to freak out, but she was too busy looking at all of the things on the counter and exploring. lol. My little Nora the Explora. lol.

Speak of the devil, she just woke up from her nap. Until later Bloggies. 🙂