Bloggies, this week has been one test after another for me. I have run into quite possibly EVERY rude, snarky, judgmental person in Nowheresville, EVERY WHERE I’ve gone. If it’s not some one criticizing my parenting, it’s some one providing terrible customer service, on top of being just plain rude. I haven’t been this angry and ready to smash things in a very long time. My fuse is growing shorter by the minute and I really need to reel myself back in. Kindness is hard anyway, but displaying self control AND kindness are about to kill me. Whoo. Seriously.

In other news, Nora’s doctors appointment went really well. She aced her Ages and Stages development thing, her diaper rash isn’t anything to worry about and she’s gained nearly two pounds! She is officially in the 8% tile for weight now. lol. She’s a wee one, but perfectly healthy, strong and super smart. I needed to hear it after all of the negativity this week. I mean it’s one thing to know you’re doing things right and a completely other thing to have it verified. And yes, I am going to be gloaty and braggy about it. 

I’m too headstrong to change my ways, but it really does wear me out having people second guess me all the time. I mean, I value different experiences and different advice for things, but once is enough. If I don’t heed the advice you’ve given it’s not because I ignored you, or disvalue your opinion, it’s because I’ve collected advice from a whole host of different sources and went my own path. STOP BEATING THE DEAD HORSE and continuing to argue or point out obvious things. It’s not going to make me change my mind, or the way I do things. I ASSURE you. In fact if you keep doubting me I’m all the more determined just so I can prove you wrong. lol. I’m kind of a spiteful b like that. 

Yes, Nora is smaller than 82% of other kids in the country, thank you. I know she’s small no one needs to keep pointing this out. Yes, Nora is taking her time learning how to crawl, stand, walk, use a sippy cup, and a few other things. Thank you, I know a lot of other kids are ahead of her, but she’s NOT behind. I don’t care if everyone else’s kid was doing such and such at her age, she is learning her limitations at her own pace which is a far more valuable skill in my opinion. 

Parents all expect the best from their kids, and I’m no exception. I want her to do well, and I want her to grown and learn, but I don’t want her to be put instantly into a place where she feels like she has to compete against people. I don’t want her to deal with the anxiety of social pressures until she absolutely has to. I want her to become her own person before she worries about pleasing some one else, and in my mind that starts from the very beginning. She prefers a bottle over a sippy cup right now. She knows how to use both, but her preference is a bottle. 

I don’t really know WHY she prefers a bottle because she can’t articulate her feelings, but I do know that’s what she likes. Why would I pressure her into doing something that makes her uncomfortable if it isn’t necessary? It’s the same with everything else. She is a little individual, not a little clone, and I am okay with that.

Anyway… I’ll get off my boasty soap box now. lol. I have lots of cleaning to do today. I’ve been slacking all week, and it’s time to get caught up. Plus Kevin’s new guitar amp will be here soon and I need a place to put it. lol. There is more to that story, but I’ll have to come back to it later. Until then Bloggies!