Your Opinion Is Invalid

This post is a bit ranty… I try not to be too negative and ranty as a general rule for life, but some times circumstances just get the best of me and I need to vent.

While running some errands yesterday afternoon Nora and I stopped at the Nowheresville Hardee’s to have a quick bite to eat. We ordered, and sat down. I was doing my best to mind my own business, but the people in the next booth were talking very loud and I couldn’t really help but over hear the conversation. Actually, it wasn’t both of them, it was the young girl who was being very loud and obnoxious. When we sat down she was going on a tirade about how Hardee’s was like Carl’s Jr’s redneck cousin and they were NOT the same at all. Even though they’re owned by the same company and have the same logo, Carl’s Jr’s was SO much better. I thought to myself why are you eating here if you think it’s beneath you? Go back to where ever you came from that has Carl’s Jr’s and stop whining.

I didn’t say that, because I do have minimal decorum, and we continued on with our meal. I was talking with Nora through out as I’ve always done. She’s a person after all and deserves to be treated as such. Especially now when she is starting to develop her language skills. She understands what I’m saying, even though she can only reply in a small vocabulary she does know what’s going on. I fed her a small bite of pintos that were a little too warm for her liking and she freaked out not sure whether to spit them out or what. I did what any mother would do, and popped open her mouth, and quickly snatched the offending beans back out after asking what was wrong. THEN, obnoxious lady in the next booth has the nerve to say: “You know, I hate when people talk to their babies like that. It’s weird and creeps me out. It’s not like they can answer, why bother asking them questions?” It was all I could do to keep from laughing out loud and reply: “Excuse me, but I hate when people express their asinine opinions with out tact. It’s ignorant and weird.” Instead I just smiled and continued to ignore her foolishness and feed Nora.

I admit, when I was younger I didn’t have the greatest filter when it came to my opinions or how I expressed them. I think it’s a part growing up and learning how to function in society. Everyone has a phase where they just don’t care what other people think and they’re going to let them know. But that was then. When I was younger, like ten years ago. From you know 16 to 19. By 19 I started to realize that always being brash and opinionated wasn’t really the best way to get my point across. This woman was at least my age, if not a little older, in short an adult. She should have known better. Again, another Hulk Smash moment.

What’s worse I think is that her mom just sat there not really paying attention to her daughter wining and complaining about everything, and making a complete fool of herself. I’m already drilling manners into Nora and she’s not even a year old. When she starts babbling loudly in public, and Kevin and I reply to her while whispering. She whispers back and we praise her. Right now she just thinks it’s a game, but it’s setting the foundation for a well behaved kid in the future. It’s not difficult, it’s common sense! That’s really all it takes.

Anyway… I think I’m going to go talk to my baby now and be weird and creepy. Until later Bloggies. 🙂

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