Lawn Wars

Okay, so I’m kind of new at this whole having neighbors thing. I mean I’ve always lived around people it’s not like I’ve been locked away or any thing, but primarily I’ve lived in apartments. In apartments the spaces are clearly defined, and I rarely had people over stepping their bounds with a few minor exceptions (the dog pee igloo on my patio, and parking in my space) here and there. I complained about it because I was pregnant and hormonal, but most of the time I just dealt with their shenanigans.

Even when we lived in the other house I didn’t really have problems with my neighbors. There was one set of people who kept letting their angry Pitbull out with out a leash that  I got mad at, but most of them were pretty cool. And then we moved to this neighborhood. Here I have one neighbor trying to mow into my yard, and complaining with how I mow the rest of it on one side. The neighbor behind the house refuses to mow their section of the easement and is trying to tell me that it’s my responsibility, and now the neighbor to the other side wants me to mow their side yard because the people who used to live in our house did for them all the time. So I have two neighbors who want me to take care of half of their yards, and one neighbor who wants to take over mine. It wouldn’t really bother me AS MUCH if they would come talk to me about it, but instead of being adults and addressing the issue they are just gossiping amongst themselves. 

Why am I not going to them? Because they’re all drunks and Kevin doesn’t want me to get hurt. That’s pretty much the only reason. If it were up to me I wouldn’t be wasting my time blogging about it, and I would have been on their door step a long time ago. Out of respect for my Hubby I’m holding in my rage. lol. I’m just going to keep mowing our yard and let their neglected sections go. If any one gets fined for it it will be them since it’s on their property and not ours. I guess that makes me a terrible neighbor and a bit of a jerk, but I’m not going to do their yard work just because they think I should. Especially when they didn’t even ask me, or discuss it with me in any way shape or form. With Nora I barely have time to take care of my OWN yard I don’t need to be taking care of half of the neighborhood. Seriously.

I only have to put up with it for another month, thankfully our grass goes dormant in August and I won’t have to mow anymore until Spring. That will probably irritate them even more, but at this point I don’t care. Again, I guess I’m a jerk, oh well.

In other news, we are on our last few jars of baby puree. My Little will officially be completely on solids are the end of the week. GAH. It makes my heart hurt a little. I was going through all of my Facebook pictures the other day and got all weepy and sentimental as I was scrolling through her newborn photos. She was so teeny and squished when she was born. It’s hard to believe that the same tiny little person that came home with us almost ten months ago is the same little person currently mowing down on Mac and Cheese beside me. lol. With her it’s been an amazing experience because she was the first, with our second child it’s going to be just as amazing and sentimental because they will be our last. I don’t know what I’m going to do after that. 

lol Well Bloggies, I just got mac and cheese tossed onto my keyboard. I’m taking that as a cue that Nora is done with dinner and now needs her bath. Until later Bloggies!

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