Baby vs Mom

My Little has inherited one distinct and very noticeable trait from me. Her temper. Lately, now that’s she’s begun to figure out the world and how things work we have been going back and forth with tantrums. She will do something dangerous, like try to grab some fishing hooks off of the table while sitting on my lap as I attempt to eat, I’ll take them away and tell her no, then all hell will break loose. She will scream, kick, hit, scratch, and continue for HOURS. Much like she refused to hold her own bottle/sippy cup for THREE DAYS. If it was up to her she would have died of thirst before holding her own bottle, and she is MEAN when she gets mad. Up until this point she was still too young to actually get mad at things, now that she understands what mad is she is a hellion. 

After the fishing hook incident, Kevin came home and took her so I could finish my dinner. He picked her up and she immediately stopped being mad and smiled and gave him a big hug. Then as he took her around the corner to get her in her pajamas I heard Nora say: “Dada? MOM MOM MOM!!!” lol. Kevin asked if Mom was telling her no, and she goes: “Yeah! MOM MOM MOM!!!” In her little three actual word vocabulary she was telling on me. If it wasn’t so adorable I would have been more upset about it, but I mean come on. I had to laugh. 

I knew she was going to be spunky because she is my kid, and I was also a hellion… er… still am in the right situations. lol. It was inevitable I was going to have a difficult child, I just didn’t expect the difficulties to start until she was at least two. For the most part she is still well behaved. I mean she doesn’t pitch any fits in public yet so I can live with her strong personality at home. It’s endearing really. I don’t have to worry about her taking care of herself when she gets older, and I’m okay with that. I just hope poor Kevin can survive the teen years lol. He has a garage he can hide in. 

Anyway… it’s about lunch time and the Little is getting hungry. Until later Bloggies! 🙂