And Now For a Post With More Substance

I don’t know what that post was this morning, well I do know it was a bunch of rambling nonsensical drivel, but I don’t exactly know why I felt compelled to publish it. lol. That’s what I get for attempting to publish a post first thing in the morning. Yes, whatever time it was published was my first thing in the morning. 

Nora has decided that she no longer wants to sleep during the night, but instead wants to nap alllllllllll day. She won’t just nap in her crib like she used to, but she wants to be right in the middle of the activity until she passes out from sheer exhaustion. I know it’s just a part of her growing and developing by becoming more aware of things around her and people who are important to her, so I’m trying my best to just deal with it. It has thrown my sleep cycle completely for a loop as well as any loosely based schedule we had established since moving into the house.

In short, I’m exhausted and bumbling around the interwebs aimlessly in a complete fog. lol.  Probably not the best thing to be doing when I’m posting my insanity for all to see. lol. I am in so much of a mental fog I have actually started to play the mindless Facebook games. I am currently crushing candy with the best of them. I’ve gotten all of my chores down to a science and can finish cleaning, yard work, and laundry in less than two hours. A lot of that stuff only has to be done weekly so…. I really need something to occupy my time. Other than mindless internetery. I’ve tried writing another short story, but my brain just won’t function. Really, if this blog last longer than three paragraphs it will be a miracle. 

We have the van now so that’s kind of nice. I can go out and do things if I want to, but I’ve pretty much run out of things to do that don’t involve a membership fee. Or you know, interacting with other people whom I don’t like. lol. I’ve become a curmudgeon. Or I’ve always been one and I’m just returning to my roots. I don’t know. I do know that I’m currently falling asleep as I type this, so I guess it’s time to sign off. Until later Bloggies! 🙂