We actually made it to Ohio!! We found some one to watch the dog for us so we didn’t have to cart him over and upset him then ship him off to a new home, and packed up and left this morning. Lol. It was a pleasant surprise that we actually made it, and while doing the usual rounds to all the shopping places we stumbled into an awesome deal on a vacation package. We have to go listen to one of those time share presentations but we still get an ultra discounted 3 day stay at a resort in Michigan for our anniversary next year.

Normally we don’t buy into all those sales gimmicks but Kevin and I have been trying to go to Michigan since before we started dating and have never been able to. Lol kind of like trying to get to Ohio! Lol all of our plans thus far have gone awry and we haggled for like 20min, so we got a pretty spectacular deal. At least money wise we did, we still have to wait through the presentation but its only 90min. 90min out of three days isn’t half bad. With nooooo obligation to buy! (Read in the most stereotypical cheesy sales guy voice)

After all of that we trekked out to Jungle Jim’s to wander around, and Kevin decided that today was going to be the day he tried a Ghost Chili Pepper. Well actually he tried a ghost chili stuffed olive from the olive bar, but he said that was close enough and he has no desire to try anything ghost pepper related ever again. It wasn’t as potent as the Quaker Atomic Wings apparently, because he didn’t look like he got punched in the face, but he said it was pretty hot. Lol boys and their silly displays of manhood. ❤ it was pretty adorable since the trip all they way over here for the Atomic Wings was our first time hanging out and we had just booked our anniversary trip. Oh nostalgia lol.

In other news, Nora has gotten to the point where she refuses to sleep anywhere but her own bed or snuggled right next to me. So Kevin and I are currently fighting to stay awake while she rolls around and plays until she passes out. Lol. The guest room at my parents house only has a double bed so it definitely is of big enough for all three of us. Last time Nora refused to sleep in her crib Kevin ended up sprawled out across the foot of the bed and didn't get a wink of sleep. She's also gotten to the tantrum stage. She knows what she wants and she wants it NOW. So unless I want to wake up my entire family with her screaming and throwing things we're kind of stuck lol

Success!! The Little is finally asleep, and now I can go to sleep. Until later Bloggies! 🙂

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  1. Well, since this is the first time she’s ever really had trouble sleeping it isn’t so bad, but I’ll be glad when she out grows it that is for SURE. lol.


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