Birthday Bonanza

Well… as far as birthdays past 21 go this one wasn’t awful. lol It was in the middle of the week so I didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary other than dye my hair and eat a mountain of cupcakes. Kevin brought me the most appropriatly adorable card and some flowers, and that’s about it. lol. I know I’m such a wealth of excitement.

My card read: “On your birthday you’ll hear from internet friends from all over! Which automatically makes this paper card from me extra special.” lol. Like I said! Adorable, and totally appropriate for an interweb fiend like myself. 

We were planning on going to Ohio this weekend, but with the dog thing all up in the air we probably won’t be able to now. Which is good that we don’t have to put him to sleep but bad that it keeps interfering with my plans!! I’ve been trying to go visit my parents for more than a few hours since January and every time we make plans it gets messed up. I think I’m just giving up. lol. If people want to see me they’ll just have to come to Nowheresville to see me because I can’t seem to get away from things here.

We didn’t really have a lot of extra cash this week anyway since it’s the first week of the month and most of the bills were due. We wouldn’t have been able to actually DO anything once we got to my parent’s but… STILL. We would have been there, out of Indiana, enjoying Frisch’s and Smashburger and possibly Quaker Steak!! lol. Yeah, I travel 200 miles for food. It’s sad, but it’s true. And to see my family, but the only time we can coordinate schedules is around a meal so the food comes with the family lol. It’s kind of amazing how I’ve been able to lose weight really. 

And that’s about the extent of the goings on in the House of Hale right now. Other than the unpacking and constant cleaning. Again, such a wealth of excitement lol. Maybe if we do have to stay here we can take Nora to a sitter and go out or something? No… no I refuse to make any plans because they will just get derailed. lol. I guess we’ll end up where we end up when we end up there. 

Anyway… I’m going to get back to my cleaning and general house wife stuff. Until later Bloggies! 🙂