Bedroom Door

All I want is a bed room door. Finished bedroom walls, and a closet would be nice too but really the door is what I miss the most. I really just want my house to be finished. I’ve been working diligently for MONTHS on this project and it’s still not done. It wasn’t so bad when I could go home at the end of the day, but now that I’m stuck here with it all in shambles it is starting to DRIVE ME CRAZY. lol Well crazier than I’ve always been I guess. lol. I asked Kevin to take some of his vacation here soon so we could work on finishing it. Hopefully he can. We are SO close to having everything done it’s kind of insane, but we had so many different projects going on at once that not one single project is 100% finished. I mean the house is livable to some extent, but it’s not FINISHED. I want it FINISHED. All the trim painted, the walls painted, the closets finished, the bathroom finished, the microwave installed into the cabinet, my entry way tiled, my flower boxes installed and planted, my shelves installed, doors on the bedrooms and pantry, the garage at least clean enough so I can get to the back door, and the back yard cleaned up. That’s all I want. lol. It’s quite a list I know. Can you now see what I’m dealing with here? I’m buried under mountains of moving boxes full of stuff that I can’t put away until most of those above projects are completed. Basically we’ve reached a stalemate. I can’t complete any one project by myself so I’m stuck. *sigh* 

In other news, the dog got out yesterday and tried to bite a little girl riding her bike. I was shocked by the entire event as I’ve never had a dog that actually went after some one completely unprovoked like that. I managed to wrestle him back into the house, and immediately started looking to find him another home. While doing this I contacted his previous owner through Facebook and found out that he apparently has had a history of aggression. AWESOME. Had I known, I never would have adopted him, simply for the fact that I can’t trust him around Nora anymore. If it was just Kevin and I, I wouldn’t have a problem with it but since she is so little and still really doesn’t understand how to pet him and play with him I don’t want him to turn on her. 

So on top of the house being a disaster, I now have to find my dog a new home. The dog that I spent MONTHS trying to find, and HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in vet bills on, not to mention getting attached to him and making him a part of our family. I really don’t have any good options as far as rehoming him yet either. I’m going to give it until the end of the month, but if I can’t find some one to take him before then I will have to take him to be euthanized.  The dog that I spent MONTHS trying to find, and HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS in vet bills on. 

His previous owner wants to take him back if she can find a new place to live, but when I got him he was malnourished and clearly neglected. He had no training, and really hadn’t been cared for at all. She loves him, still loves him, but all the love in the world won’t provide the proper care, and if he goes to a home where he doesn’t have the structure he needs he will end up attacking some one else and have to be euthanized anyway. So basically I can take him and humanely euthanize him while he is well cared for and happy, or I can send him back to her where he will be neglected and more than likely still have to be euthanized at some point.

Aggression isn’t always a learned behavior. It’s a result of poor breeding, and the dogs individual personality. No amount of training will change the fact that he has an aggressive personality, and if he isn’t handled properly he will eventually hurt some one. I’m trying to figure out how to explain this to his previous owner with out sounding like a complete jerk. She just loves him SO much and the thought of having to euthanize him would be devastating for her. I don’t know if she could do it if it came down to that.

BAH… anyway… I need to get back to cleaning and attempting to get things back in order. Until later Bloggies. 🙂