The Void

Monday, the day of yard work in the House of Hale. Well one of the days of yard work. Our lawn is out of control!! It’s been fertilized and left to it’s own devices for so long that it requires extra love and care to not look like a jungle swamp. Never have I had a lawn that required mowing and trimming twice a week. The back yard has actually gone to seed twice now because I just can’t keep up with it. At least we’ll have an ultra plush lawn I guess. lol. 

In other news, I’ve nearly finished getting the kitchen unpacked and put away. There’s only one box of stuff left and it’s all the cleaning stuff that I’m using currently to get the rest of the house put back together. And it has a home. Chemicals go under the sink. lol. After that I’m starting on the bathrooms, and eventually I’ll get my way back to the bed rooms. I really need to finish the living room and hallway first I guess since we spend most of our time and all of our guest see the living room and the hall ways… but if I did that our bedrooms would be so full of junk we wouldn’t have room to breathe. lol.

We’ve been called hoarders by certain people who shall go unnamed, but in reality we’re not. We just came from an apartment with five massive closets to a house with two tiny closets and no cabinet space in the kitchen. We’ve gotten rid of boxes of stuff, but we’ve also accumulated boxes of baby stuff which we’re keeping until Baby 2 comes and goes. There’s no reason to spend the same amount of money twice when we can just reuse (pending gender that is) what we already have. That and we have two different wardrobes. Summer and winter clothes for three people takes up a lot of space.

I know I’ve ranted about all of that before, so I’m not going to fly off into a tangent about it again but seriously. It’s not that we have too much stuff we don’t need, it’s that we don’t have the organizational space to store it all. That’s inside the house. The garage is Kevin’s domain and I don’t really have any control over what is or isn’t out there for any number of reasons. He can sometimes be a little on the hordey side, but he also always has what we need in any number of circumstances. I blame the Boy Scouts and their always be prepared motto. lol.

In OTHER other news, my birthday is Thursday. I will be closer to 30 than 20 and I don’t know how I feel about this. I mean, I’m a mom, I drive a silver minivan, and I’m nearly middle age. I know I have a whole lot of life left, but really it feels like I’ve hit middle age. The biggest events that happen in my life now revolve around my Little and any further potential Littles. I’m not after a career, I’ve written novels, I’m happily married, and now…? Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, and I’m very happy with all of this, it’s just kind of like: Huh… well now what? It’s kind of like when you work so hard for something and then you finally get it and have this weird void where the challenge and hard work used to be? Yeah. That’s how I feel about it. I’m not unfulfilled or anything, but just kind of relaxing and floating through life. It’s a nice feeling, but it’s so different from what I’m used to it’s taking a bit to get adjusted. lol. 

That’s kind of sad really. That it’s taking me by surprise to be happy? lol. What does that say about my outlook on life previously? *shakes head* Oh well. Back to my monster yard! I’m just about finished, but we had to break for lunch and an afternoon nap for Nora. Until later Bloggies! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Void

  1. Happy birthday… I was 27 when my son was conceived, so it’s not like you’re off to a late start. My Dad was 47 when I popped up. You’re under thirty, feel GOOD!


  2. lol thanks! I do feel good, it’s just so WEIRD to feel that way. lol. It’s amazing how your perspective on life changes the older and wiser you become. 🙂


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