It was a bitter sweet experience yesterday afternoon as we FINALLY finished moving out of our apartment. It’s done!! Keys are turned in, and there is no going back. Which is why it was kind of bitter sweet. Other than some questionable neighbors here and there I really didn’t have any problems with our apartment, and I spent so much time nesting because of my pregnancy that I was pretty attached to it. lol. It was Nora’s first home after all, so I was kind of sad to leave it. But, enough of that, on ward and upward!

We all slept in until about 11am this morning, and Kevin treated me to a nice long relaxing soak while he watched Nora. It was the first real soak I’ve had just for the sake of soaking since before Nora was born lol. I actually had time to REALLY shave my legs. Not the quick job I’ve been doing for nearly a year, but actually shave. I even dug out my make up case, did my hair, and wore a dress AND my ultra cute Pin Up heels. Not quite as comfortable as my Stripper Boots, but a very close second. lol. It’s the wrong season for boots anyway.

It felt SO nice to relax and take some time for me. I used to be able to do that about once a week, but recently with the house and the move and Nora I just simply haven’t had time. It’s not that I want to look like a scrub, there just weren’t enough hours in the day lol. It comes with motherhood, and I’m completely okay with it. I’ve never really been that concerned with my appearance anyway. At least with Nora I have a valid excuse to walk around in my sweats and tee shirts lol. I do enjoy getting all done up every once and a while though. Just not very often. I even put Nora in a cute little Polo dress and gave her the classic baby tuft hairdo.

She’s getting so big and wiggly it’s getting really hard to get her into a simple onesie let a lone a dress with her hair done. lol. She’s taking after her Mama, what can I say? Other than that we have done absolutely nothing today. Well, we went out for a nice lunch and did some random shopping, but we didn’t HAVE to do any of it. We were doing it because we WANTED to. Now, Nora is snoozing and I am putting off organizing the kitchen. lol. When I walk in there and see the mess piled everywhere it annoys me to no end, but it is SO much mess that I don’t even know where to start. It’s going to take me an entire month just to get everything together, not including the few finishing projects I need to do. At least I won’t have to worry about boredom!

And now after typing that up I’m feeling guilty for just sitting here…. so I guess I’ll go tackle the kitchen. If you don’t hear from me for a day or two send help!! lol Until later Bloggies. 🙂