How To Have A Heart Attack, In Five Easy Steps!

The title of this post could basically describe my diet lately. I have eaten nothing but junk, which I’m sure has a lot to do with my general feeling of suck lately. Well that, and exhaustion from running all over the place finishing the move and trying to finish the house. THERE IS SO MUCH LEFT TO DO, and as of tomorrow we are out of the apartment. I know I’ve been saying that for a few days now, but seriously. Tomorrow we have to turn in our keys regardless of whether our stuff is out or not. Which, I mean it will be nice to only have to worry about keeping up with the house, if I can survive this move that is.

I have made up my mind if we ever move again, I’m hiring movers. I don’t care how much it cost or how much trouble it is to find a moving company I REFUSE to move on my own ever again. Really I’ve pretty much done this entire move all by myself, which is a lot of the reason I’m stressed out about it. Kevin has been helpful where ever he can, but he couldn’t really take any time off work, and the heat just drains him. His job isn’t easy to begin with and when you add the high temperatures on top of it he basically just comes home to eat and sleep. I simultaneously love and hate summer just because of that fact. Kevin has lots of work and he puts in lots of hours, but I never get to see him. I miss him. 😦 

But summer also comes with carnivals, warmer weather, fairs, and time spent outside. These things would obviously be better spent with Kevin, but they’re still okay with out him. lol. I’m pretty excited for the 4th of July this year. It will be Nora’s first carnival and 4th parade!! Hopefully it’s not too hot so she can actually enjoy it instead of getting stuck inside all summer. I have to pick up some sand for her sand box tomorrow as well as a wading pool for her to splash around in. I might wait until next weekend just because it’s supposed to cool off after this round of storms rolling through tonight, but if I wait too much longer it will be out of season and impossible to find. 

Speaking of storms these look like they’re about to get really nasty. I should probably go batton down the hatches! Until later Bloggies!