Oh eBay

I have a love hate relationship with eBay. There are so many great deals, and lots of hard to find random things listed all the time. It’s one of my favorite ways to pass the time in between caring for the Little and doing chores around the house. The only problem I’ve run into lately is winning too much. Yes, you read that right, I’ve won WAY too many auctions here lately. So many in fact that I have an entire new wardrobe enroute to my house right now. lol.

It goes like this: I bid on one item that I really really really want, and lose terribly. I do this four or five times until I think I can gage the demand for whatever it is that I’m bidding on. You know, how much the other bidders are willing to shell out for whatever? So then I put low bids on a whole bunch of items. Casting a wide net if you will, and wait to see what I end up with, never intending to win all of the items. HA! The past two times I’ve bid on multiple things I have won EVERY SINGLE THING. Which I mean is awesome in one respect that I can get such great deals on these items, but I don’t NEED all of the items. 

Recently I’ve been bidding on new clothes. I’m still losing weight like a boss and all of my clothes are falling off. I didn’t think it was going to be this easy to lose weight after pregnancy so I foolishly gave away a lot of my smaller clothes last year… yeah. Anyway, I figured since I’m going to be wearing these clothes all the time they might as well be nice, and why pay full price when you can get them for next to nothing on line? So I set out on my adventure to buy some Pink (my all time favorite brand EVER) clothes. 

Back in the day I never cared about brand, it was all about comfort and style. Now, as an old fogey I want comfort and durability. I’ve searched hi and low for something inexpensive and durable and just can’t seem to find it. I mean there is Marshall’s and TJMaxx, which I frequently visit, but even their prices are getting insane. So, I said to heck with it, and started buying brand stuff. I still haven’t gone to the actual STORE and bought anything off the shelf new, but most of my eBay finds are things that people snatched up on clearance trying to turn a profit. lol. They all still have the tags, and have never been worn. They might be last years style, but again, I’m not really after the latest and greatest.

… lol see? This is what happens when I blog right after my coffee in the morning. Random tangents everywhere!! I don’t even really remember what I was sitting down to write about. lol. OH! Okay, back on track…

I started looking for some Pink stuff on eBay and put in a few bids on several things I really wanted. When I looked at the items there were two options. Bid for x amount or buy it now for x amount. The buy it now prices are pretty much the same as going into the store or ordering it from the actual website so I rarely ever use the buy it now feature. I’d place a decent bid, nothing too cheap, but a fraction of the buy it now price. It would sit there for a few days with my bid being the only bid, and then the other bids would start coming in. I went back and forth with these other bidders until it looked like the item was going to end up being over the original buy it now price. When it reached that point I would give up and move on to another item. For those that know how eBay works, even if you stop bidding on an item you’re attached to the listing until it ends. So all of these items that I had given up on were still sitting in my buying tab. I watched most of them get to OUTRAGEOUS prices before the listing ended. Like, more than going to the store and buying something new, prices. 

I thought to myself watching multiple listings end this way, who on Earth would pay that much for a shirt, pair of sweat pants, or jacket?? I mean seriously. They are just clothes. AWESOME nice comfortable durable clothes, but clothes none the less. Then the more I thought about it the more I realized that most people weren’t bidding on the clothes for their durability and comfort. Most people were bidding on their social standing, and acceptance in their peer group. Which is kind of depressing when you really think about it. Especially after seeing the amount of money people put into that whole charade. 

Yep, eBay and caffeine. Sending me into philosophical tangents about random sociological ideals. lol. I think I’m going to go run around the block now to refocus and get ready for the last load of moving stuff. 🙂 Until later Bloggies.