Brandishing Bandits

It appears I have spoken out of turn and jinxed myself. After writing about having nothing to write about the craziest of crazy days happened today. 

First of all, I’m fairly certain I have an ear infection. I’m going to give it a few more days, but I can’t hear, I’m very dizzy, and my ears sort of hurt throb every now and again. I’ve worked SO hard to get my internal balance back after my strep meds I REEEEEEALLY don’t want to go back to the doctor and get another round of antibiotics. This has been the only kind of annoying “side effect” of having a kid. Getting my hormonal and bacterial levels back in sync. Nothing will really level out until I stop breastfeeding, which is kind of a pain, but it will be over sooner than I’m expecting it so I think I can deal for these next few months.

So I’m not feeling well, but it’s getting down to the wire as far as getting out of our apartment goes and I’m trying to get the last few boxes packed and moved. It’s just the annoying little things left there. You know the ones you would leave behind if you weren’t trying to get your deposit back? A lot of things you forgot about because they slid under furniture or something like that? Yeah… that’s the part of the packing and moving that I hate the most. The last few boxes full of junk that we don’t have room for or need, but have to get out of the apartment. ANWAY… tangent, I’m having trouble focusing lol… I’m there at the apartment. We pull into the parking lot and a few moments later this other car whips into a parking space, and a guy gets out. I sit in the car for a few moments like I always do after we park some where, checking my phone for the texts I got on the trip over and what not. I see this guy get out and walk up to the corner of the sidewalk by the entry way. I’m just watching him out of the corner of my eye so I’m not focused on what he’s doing, but I can see that he is standing there and I can see that he is watching me. I don’t think much of it, other than it’s kind of odd, but there are a lot of odd nosey people in this town so I assumed because we hadn’t been at the apartment for a while he was just trying to figure out who I was or something. 

I hop out of the car get Nora out and Creep is still standing there staring at me. He has a cigarette in one hand, that he’s sort of half smoked. I start heading toward the building, and he drops his cigarette (which wasn’t even half finished) and beats me to the door to hold it open for me. I say thank you, and proceed to walk to the mail boxes. I get to our mail box which is in a bank of mail boxes just inside the main door and sort of underneath the stairs. Creep has followed me inside and is just standing there still staring at me as I’m getting my keys out to check the mail. Nora was playing with a rattle, which she decided to throw on the ground before I could get my keys, so I bent down to pick it up, sort of checking this creepy guy out to figure out what he was doing. As I was standing up I noticed that he had a gun tucked into the front of his belt. It wasn’t concealed, and he didn’t actually threaten me with it, but the fact that it was in clear view and he was hovering over me like a hawk said enough. 

I turned back to my mailbox, determined not to be flustered or react in anyway unless he tried to harm me. He could have been a completely legit gun owner who just happened to stuff his weapon into his pants for some completely legit reason, the way he was staring lead me to believe other wise, but I didn’t want to jump to conclusions and freak out. I opened the box and sitting on top of our little stack of mail was Kevin’s newest copy of American Rifleman. For those who don’t know, the American Rifleman is the official publication of the NRA and only members have a subscription. I smiled, picked the magazine up, and showed it to Creep. If he was a legit gun owner he would more than likely start a conversation, even if he wasn’t he would understand the implication I was getting at since the cover of the magazine has NRA plastered all over it. 

“Hey, look at that!” I said, waiting for a reaction from Creep. He stopped staring, and started fidgeting nervously. After seeing him start to get nervous I quickly closed our mail box and pushed myself by him and started up the stairs. He didn’t follow us, but he didn’t go down the hall into one of the apartments either.

I don’t know what his deal was, or if he truly had ill intentions, but we escaped unscathed. I think Kevin about had a heart attack when I told him what happened though. I sent him a text since he wasn’t officially on break and I didn’t want to interrupt his work day, and when he replied you could tell his hands were shaking by the way the words were mistyped. lol. I stress him out, he’s told me this, but really it’s not my fault! It’s not like I went down a dark alley in the toughest neighborhood in the Ghetto or anything. I was just minding my own business checking my mail at our apartment where we’ve lived for two years.

Trouble just seems to find me. Thankfully I’ve yet to be seriously injured… well injured at all, which is even better. I must have one very attentive guardian angel, or a whole team of them lol. With my brakes failing, engines over heating, gun brandishing bandits, road ragers, and my own stupidity it would HAVE to be a team. 

Anyway, Nora is napping, and I think I’m going to go take a nice looooooooooooong soak until she wakes up and it’s time to go pick up Kevin from work. Until later Bloggies. 🙂


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