Lines in the Sand

Okay, I’m a pretty reasonable person. I’ve always been reasonable, but sometimes I’m kind of blunt, especially when I’m mad or emotional. I can put up with a whole lot before I get mean and start raging on people, but last night I was completely DONE with Annoying Neighbors. They are very social party people, which I don’t have a problem with. By all means, if you want to spend your free time drunk hanging out with friends you go right ahead. And when I say drunk I don’t mean tipsy or buzzed I mean falling down, slurring, unable to function drunk. 

The only thing I ask is that you be RESPONSIBLE. You know, like send your 3yr old to a sitter for the night, or at least make sure he is safely tucked in bed before you are unable to care for him. Don’t DRIVE to the liquor store DRUNK, and don’t start yelling about the “product” you’re selling especially when everyone knows who you associate with, what your “product” is and that despite what you tell the police it is NOT Avon. Really, besides the obviously illegal things, all of the above are just my personal opinions. It’s completely up to the parties involved to make choices regarding everything except driving drunk and peddling drugs. 

THOSE things, I will NOT tolerate. Especially when it means endangering my child. That crosses the line. You can hate my fence, you can critizise my lawn, you can even gossip about me all over the neighborhood and those offenses will be blogged, but nothing outside of a venty blog post will come of it. You start blatantly breaking the law I will call the police, and I will smash faces if you try to start a physical altercation on my property. I won’t antagonize above my civil responsibility to call the police when you are breaking the law, but oh will I throw down if you endanger my child. Those reading this who have seen me raging mad know what I’m talking about. I will hulk my way through solid doors and take on opponents twice my size. I am NOT afraid of you, but I’m also NOT going to waste my energy in a pointless screaming match across the yard. In addition to attempting to defuse the situation, I have an example to set for my daughter. Break the law and I will hold you accountable, be an idiot and I’ll just laugh at you and explain to Nora that you are a terrible example of how to behave in polite society. Either way really. 

Anyway, I am practically dying over here due to my allergies flaring up like a BEAST, and I really need to get to sleep. I took some allergy medicine, which is helping but I let the reaction get too far along before I got meds and now I’m all sorts of groggy and nasty feeling. Bleh. Until later Bloggies. 🙂