Fields of Death, and Captain Kevin


This amazingly beautiful field is a field full of Ragweed. I am insanely allergic to ragweed thus the cause of my puffy swollen eyes and runny nose and hacking cough. This is also most likely the cause of Nora’s discomfort here the past few days. I’d never actually seen ragweed before I just knew I was allergic to it. Now I’m living in a place with entire fields full of it!! Lol. At least now that I know what it is I can counteract it. You know, by living in a bubble until winter. Lol.

In other news, the impending sewage flood was narrowly averted by Dad Hale. It took him almost three hours to clean out the massive root ball that has taken over our main sewer line but we got it! The actual line probably needs to be completely replaced, but as long as my plumbing is functional I really could care less about that right now. It does explain why our lawn is so well fertilized, which is kind of gross to think about but I grew up in a neighborhood with septic systems. I played in the mud and wound up with an amazing immune system because of it. Lol. SOOOOOOOOO… I’m just going to choose to not think about it anymore and live on.

The clean up is going okay I guess I mean how well can cleaning up things filled with sopping wet sewer water be?? Thankfully it’s just the one bathtub that had things sitting in it, and the back up was never bad enough to actually spill onto the floor or carpets. It really could have been a lot worse.

Lol last night Kevin really needed to take a shower after helping his dad with the whole sewer clean out mess, but since I ran Drano through the drains the night before he didn’t want to use bleach to clean the tub. Which I guess makes sense, but it has been over 48hrs I don’t think a little bleach going down the drain will hurt it now especially after we ran water through everything like crazy last night to help flush the remaining root ball out of the way. But Kevin insisted that he didn’t want to use bleach, so we sat there and thought for a moment until a thought crossed my mind. When we had our fridge moved over from my parents house there was a bottle of coconut rum left in the door. It was some that we had bought when we where living in Ohio. He went to the fridge, took a swig, gagged because it had gotten much more potent over the years and said: yep that’ll work. Lol so yes. He cleaned the bathtub with rum. It worked and now my bathroom has a presently coconut smell lol.

Anyway Nora is fussing and ready for her lunch. Until later Bloggies!!

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