Domestic Daze

It’s been kind of slow around here in the House of Hale for the past few days. Nothing greatly exciting has happened, which I guess is good. It’s better than a whole host of pointless drama that’s for sure. lol.

I’ve been keeping myself busy packing, unpacking and organizing. It’s really happening now. We’ve turned in our notice to vacate at the apartment, and moved furniture to the house. There’s no turning back now!! My current project is washing all the mountains of clothes we’ve had stuffed away in our closet. Sometimes I wish we lived in a place were it was a consistent temperature. We have WAY too many clothes, but it’s not because we just go out and buy clothes all willy nilly. We have winter clothes, spring/fall clothes, and summer clothes. Jackets for all occasions and each in a light, heavy, and parka version. TWO CLOSETS full of just coats and jackets! Not because of fashion either, but because they are all for different weather. That’s just Kevin and I. We haven’t even started adding Nora’s clothes into the mix yet. They’re small enough that we can fold them and put them in her dresser. 

We’re also saving all the clothes she out grows until Baby 2 comes along. Well at least until we find out Baby 2’s gender. So we have boxes of newborn clothes stashed in her closet, and a box of maternity clothes in ours. lol. Everyone tells me that you get bigger with your second kid, but since I’ve lost weight I’m starting smaller, and I figured I would end up to be about the same even if I gained more weight. Unless my twin dreams come true, in which case all of our plans fly right out the window. lol.

And the dryer just buzzed. Back to the grind stone! Until later Bloggies. 🙂