The Curse of the Forgotten Lawn

So remember how yesterday I said that nothing really bad had happened for my week thus far? It was really just Kevin having a hard time? L. O. L. I spoke waaaaaay too soon. After I finished blogging had breakfast and put Nora down for her early afternoon snooze I decided that in order to help Kevin out a bit I would mow the lawn. We ended up borrowing his sister’s mower which is like one of the top of the line mowers. So I’m like awesome! I should be able to knock this out in like twenty minutes and have time to write a bit before Nora wakes up.

I mowed the back yard with out too many issues. The mower weighed like 800 pounds and wasn’t self propelled. Or well I guess it was supposed to be self propelled, but for whatever reason it wasn’t working. Once I finished the back yard I moved up to the front yard. I mowed like two strips and on the start of the third strip fighting over a really thick patch I hear this “Clink” sound. I thought to myself oooo… that doesn’t sound good. So I turned it off, and started looking around to see what I might have hit, and I see the blade just chilling a few feet away. AWESOME. So I flip the thing over, hoping that it had just been knocked lose or something and it would be a quick fix. Not so much. The bolt that holds the blade on was completely sheared and the plate that holds it was cracked. 

GRASS. I was just cutting GRASS and this happens. I looked all over the place because what I was mowing was really close to the neighbors yard and until we moved in they had a habit of using our yard for everything. If it was something that they had left and neglected I was going to take it back to them and tell them my lawn woes. But there wasn’t anything there but grass. No rocks, no sticks, no tree roots, nothing but grass. Not even and fragments of something that had been run over.

I picked up the blade and drug the mower back into the garage and set out to find a way to  finish our lawn. It looked bad because it was the only lawn that hadn’t been mowed yet, and now it looked even worse because it was half mowed. lol. Luckily one of our neighbors let me borrow hers and I was able to finish. It still isn’t pretty, because after three mowers I just didn’t care anymore. 

Apparently it takes an army of lawn mowers to mow my crazy yard. I actually think it was just because the house had been empty forever until we moved in and the lawn had been neglected for so long. The grass is really nice and plush since I was left to it’s own devices, but that makes it a BEAST to mow. I think my dad is going to come up one day this week or this weekend to fix our FREE, amazing, light weight, SELF PROPELLED, Craftsmen lawn mower. Which even if we had bought it would have only been $200. It just needs the part for it, and Kevin could do it if he had time, but we’ve got a million other projects going on and that really is the least important thing. And besides that since it was a gift from my parents my dad feels obligated to fix it. lol. Nothing worse than getting a gift that falls apart the first time you use it. lol.

Anyway… Nora is about ready for some lunch. Kevin has been going into work early and throwing off our schedule these past few days.  Until later Bloggies! 🙂