We’ll All Float On

So, perhaps my post about all the water yesterday was a bit hasty. We woke up this morning to find that our dear little county was in a state of emergency and half of Nowheresville was under water. I have pictures, but I still can’t get WordPress to cooperate and up load things. Eventually you will all get a whole bunch of pictures with links to the various posts I’ve written about them lol. If you go to the House of Hale Facebook page I have some there.  

ANYWAY… so yeah. I guess flooding is a serious problem around here after all. I don’t know why I’m still kind of surprised… I guess there is just too much going on in the world right now for me to process it all. It is kind of funny, (or a bit sad really) that the entire county is supposed to be on emergency travel restrictions and unless you are right in the thick of the flood, or driving through water, no one has even bothered to stay home. School was canceled today, but Kevin still had to report to work. In fact he got called in early because our side of town wasn’t effected by the flood and he was one of the only people who could get to work. When we were talking about it he said that he would be forced to labor and make trailer suspensions through the apocalypse. lol. 

Really, other than the travel restrictions there wasn’t any reason he COULDN’T go to work.  There wasn’t any water over any roads we need to take to get back and forth, and the apartment and house are dry so… he dutifully reported in. I was kind of hoping that he would take the day off and hang out with Nora and I, but I suppose it’s better that he didn’t. Now he’ll have extra vacation days at the end of the year to spend with us.

I AM glad that we aren’t living in our old house currently because it was smack dab in the middle of the flood plane (is that the correct plane? Plain? I don’t remember). The house itself is probably dry, but the basement flooded when we got minimal rain I’m sure it’s completely saturated. I just hope the water recedes completely before the next round of rain moves in next week or things will just get so much worse. There is actually a small creek that runs behind our house. Which is surprising that it didn’t flood when the bigger creek did… but I’m thankful it didn’t. 

I feel bad for all of the people who have been petitioning to get the creek beds cleaned out for the past several years. Since I moved here they have been petitioning for the city to clean out the growth along the creek beds, and there has been drought after drought. The one year that the city actually listens and cleans out the creek beds, and we still have flooding. 

Oo… the baby is awake, and she doesn’t sound happy. lol. Her top teeth are starting to come in and she has been a complete grump the last few days. Better go snuggle her and do my mommy things. Until later Bloggies. 🙂