A Wash

Our garden is completely under water, and our front land scaping has also been completely washed away. We didn’t really have any super severe weather but is has been raining ALL DAY.  Roads are flooded, our yard which is pretty sloped is collecting water and the nearest river is completely over flowing it’s banks.  Our storm sewers are bubbling over and the water in our drainage dishes is every where. It’s wet.

On the plus side, it’s also insanely green and plush because of all the rain and it’s really pretty. If we get a break in the clouds long enough for the sun to peak through. I’m glad it’s raining because we need the rain, but I really wish we didn’t have to get it all at once. lol. I kind of feel like I’m going to start floating away here at any moment. I actually haven’t seen this much rain since 2008 when I first moved to Indiana. For a while there the entire city of Indianapolis (where I lived at the time) was cut off from the outside world due to flooding. I was supposed to go visit my parents for something in Ohio but I couldn’t get there with out a boat. I ended up going down a few weeks later but it was pretty intense. I also happened to live right on a lake during that season and water was pretty much on my front door step. Thankfully our house is on a hill so even if the flooding gets really bad in town we should be okay.

We don’t have flood insurance so I certainly HOPE nothing happens. I actually think I post about this pretty much every Spring around here. I wasn’t aware that Indiana used to be marsh and that the water table was so high until moving here. Really I didn’t know anything about Indiana other than the Ramada Inn by the old international airport had an octagonal swimming pool where I learned to swim. lol. Random, yes, but y’know.

And the Little is ready for bed. She is sitting here calling: “Maaaaam. Maaaam.” lol ❤ I guess I should go snuggle for a bit. Until later Bloggies. 🙂