To Pay, or Not To Pay

Bloggies, WordPress is working out okay but I just feel so bland not having my wacky font and vibrant color contrast. I’ve tried out just about every theme here and nothing says: “House of Hale” like my Blogger Blog. There are customization options here but you have to pay for them, which is why I avoided WordPress in the first place. It’s not really expensive and I do blog a whole bunch so it would be worth the money I just don’t like the fact that I have to pay for something when it was free else where. Although then you have that whole thing about you get what you pay for and all of that… so I guess by not paying for Blogger things it’s the reason it started to fail epically.  Meh… I’ll find a theme I like here eventually and settle on it. Even if I had to abandon my wacky font.

In other news, we have a shady guy creeping by our house. I noticed him yesterday when I had the front door open enjoying the weather. I thought it was odd that he was running by in his baggy gangster shorts and flip flops when I first noticed him, but stranger things have happened and I thought hey it’s about to rain maybe he’s just in a hurry to get home. Then I noticed the SAME guy walk by two more times. In the pouring rain. Then I heard this weird banging noise outside like some one was trying to get into a locked door or something, so I got up to investigate and saw the same dude walking away in a hurry. The dog went nuts, and I ran to the front door and stared him down as he walked away. I then proceeded to walk around checking all the doors and windows to make sure he hadn’t been trying to get into my house. I didn’t find any signs that he tried to get in, but there were foot prints in the wet grass around my a/c unit. He was hunting for copper apparently.

I don’t know if he thought the house was empty when he was snooping around of if he was just that bold to go snooping while I was home, but I’m pretty pissed about it. My Mama Bear instincts took over and I was all in an uproar until Kevin got home. Then I couldn’t sleep at all last night because I was still so wound up about it. Even typing about it has me getting all antsy. I’ve never been a push over when it comes to defending my home, but now that I have a Little? Oh wow. It took a lot for me to stay inside the house instead of running out to the sidewalk to confront him. I decided it was better to hang out inside instead of getting shot or stabbed though. lol. Y’know.

My mom is supposed to be coming up today to bring some things for the house. Although she’s been supposed to be coming up for like two weeks now and hasn’t made it so we’ll see. lol. I should probably go attempt to clean up a bit. Since we’re still living in between the apartment and the house it has been impossible for me to keep up with cleaning both. My apartment is a disaster zone, and the house isn’t much better. I can keep up with one place, but two? HA! No… not happening.

Anyway… Until later Bloggies. 🙂

2 thoughts on “To Pay, or Not To Pay

  1. You know I never even thought about that. I haven’t seen him at all today. I think I scared him away standing at the door watching him. Hopefully that’s the end of it anyway.


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