Oooooooh… Now I Get It.

I’m a pretty intuitive person by nature. After a little while of careful observation it doesn’t take me too long to figure things out, but there are some things that are blatantly obvious to most people that I completely miss. Mostly because I don’t see things in the same cynical light that most others paint on to a situation. I’m always looking for the positives in any situations, but by doing so I sometimes miss the heart of the issue. I’ve gotten much better as I’ve gotten older and encountered different people and situations, but back in the day I was pretty oblivious.

Nothing is a better example of this than my CD collection which grew to it’s peak when I was 18-21. Especially the last CD I bought. I had stuffed it down into my CD binder and ignored it for a very long time due to the circumstances around it’s purchase. I just started going through everything yesterday trying to consolidate and get rid of things I don’t need, and I found it. I thought about it a bunch and decided why not? I haven’t listened to it for nearly six years I’ll give it a chance. I really liked it then, I shouldn’t deny myself something awesome just because of some old memories.

I listened to the entire thing start to finish last night, and felt like a total ditz. The reason I had been ignoring it was the very reason I needed to be listening to it. If I had been paying attention it might have made things a whoooooooole lot less dramatic. Probably not less painful but much less dramatic. Whoops.

Anyway, now that I’ve listened and figured it out it’s going in the trash. Not because it’s bad but because it’s not fair to Kevin if I keep this little piece of my past around. It’s been haunting my CD binder forever and I have new and better things to put in it’s place. If I hadn’t been avoiding it the whole time we could have done this ages ago… but y’know. Sometimes you need time and space to figure things out. A LOT of time. Especially when you have completely missed the initial point and flown off onto some other tangent. Lol.

In other news, we have REAL internets now! I am currently down loading a whole slue of new software and software updates that I have neglected over these months of crappy internets. Yes CURRENTLY as I type this, AT THE SAME TIME. I had forgotten that was possible!! Lol.

Oh, and now the baby needs me. I guess I’ll have to finish that thought later. Until then Bloggies!