Unsolved Mysteries

Well, I guess the weather sirens will forever and always be a problem. There was an article in the paper yesterday addressing all the siren woes (front page too!) And I guess it’s just how our system is set up.

It’s radio controlled, each siren is it’s own self contained system, and they operate on a frequancy similar to those used by fire stations accross the country. When the atmopshereic conditions are JUST RIGHT, certain radio signals will bounce off of the atmosphere and back to Earth only God knows where. If those signals are JUST RIGHT, it will set off the sirens. This is apparently also why we went all season last year with out a regular testing schedule, and why the sirens went off so seemingly obsessivly the year before.  We were apparently terrorizing some small town in Ohio with our fire alerts. Lol.

Every time our fire department would issue a call their weather sirens would go off, and every time their weather sirens would go off our fire department would leap to action for an “imaginary” fire and one of the weather sirens HERE would sound. All season last year they were trying to figure this out. Our sirens were out of commission ALL SEASON last year. Comforting thought, yes? That issue has been resolved and the sirens are back online for the moment unless we get another round of weird radio interruption in the near future.

Do you know what else is comforting to know? This particular company who maintains our sirens has informed us that this is the MOST RELIABLE method to sound the sirens. Hardwiring them fails more often than not. So basically until they get a new company (which they probably never will) we have completely unreliable weather sirens. Which, you know, is awesome when the power goes out and we have no other way to check the weather. Guess we’ll be spending a lot of time on the internet huddled in our storm bathroom while the sirens may or may not be alerting us to impending doom.

At least they’re aware of the problem and trying to find a solution instead of just blowing it off. Anyway, we’re off to get gardening supplies. Hopefully we can get our ground ready and maybe some things planted this afternoon. Yay fresh produce! Until later Bloggies. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Unsolved Mysteries

  1. Most reliable? Please. If hardwiring causes more problems than that, I’d say it’s time to get out of the business. Perhaps you could mention to the Nowheresville gov’t they should talk to cities like Ft Wayne who DON’T have that problem and see how THEY do it…


  2. I do tell people that all the time. Nowhere else I’ve lived in the Midwest has EVER had this many problems with weather sirens. I thought it was slacking dispatchers, but apparently it’s the siren company themselves. I’d be shopping for a new company myself…


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