Grumpy Hale

I’m sorry Bloggies but today I am in a mood. I didn’t sleep well last night and after I FINALLY went to sleep at 4am the weather siren went off for NO REASON. Then it continued to sound for THREE HOURS no weather warnings, barely even a sprinkle of rain. Why did it keep sounding? It was BROKEN. The weather sirens they only tested once last year wound up being broken this season. Gee, who thought that might happen? Maybe the NWS who recomends that you test the sirens monthly?? GAH. This place has more trouble with weather sirens and their use than any other place I’ve ever lived. Two years ago they sounded them for everything. Watch, warning, basically any time it rained, and they tested them weekly. Last year after complaints that no one took the sirens seriously, they decided they would only sound them after a funnel cloud had been physically spotted, but instead of announcing this they just stopped sounding them for everything else including the tests.

THIS YEAR, people finally got the memo that the sirens are only being used for immediate threats and then they have malfunctioning sirens all over the place because they haven’t been properly tested and maintained over the last season. I, for one, am completely fed up with this. We don’t have tv service and we lose our internet service more often than not in severe storms. I depend on those sirens to be accurate at least PART of the time. I know no one can be 100% accurate especially when it comes to weather, but there are systems in place that need to be followed. The tests need to happen, and public announcements need to be made if there are changes to the protocol. Like not a teeny blip in the paper that no one reads but actual public announcements. Local news, social media, ANYTHING to get people informed. I mean really. That’s your JOB to make sure people are INFORMED of impending doom.

Blah… anyway. So that woke me up this morning at an un Godly hour, and I haven’t been able to get in a good mood ever since. I need some yoga and meditation. I think that’s what I’ll do during Nora’s nap time this afternoon. Anyway… until later Bloggies. đŸ™‚