The Inevitable No

Nora has figured out her walker. She is all over the place because of this, and just yesterday she figured out that she can reach things in places that were previously out of her grasp. She snatched a gum wrapper off of the table as I was walking by with her yesterday and you would have thought it was the end of the world when I took it away from her. Screaming, crying, carrying on just because I told her no, and took something away. This afternoon she grabbed a hold of Kevin’s computer cord which was dangling a bit too close to the floor and it was headed directly for her mouth. I caught her and took it away, and yet again screaming, flailing, carrying on like I had just crushed her soul or something.

I’m not even being MEAN about it when I take things away. Not even raising my voice! I simply tell her no, explain why, and take it away. I know she doesn’t completely understand the reasons I give her, but she’ll never learn if I just keep snatching things and saying no with out an explanation. 

In short it has been a battle royal with my Little the past day and a half. lol. After I took the computer cord away from her she wouldn’t even look at me. She smiled at Kevin, gave him a hug and giggled when he was talking to her, but as soon as I took her or tried to talk to her I got an instant glare, and a fussy WAH! lol. She is not lacking in personality my Little. That is for SURE.

She is also completely confused by the “lack” of clothing I’ve been dressing her in these last few warm days. She looks at me like I’m completely crazy and have lost my mind when I only put a onesie and pants on her as we venture outside. Today since it is in the high 70F’s I just have her in a onesie as we’re lounging around the house. She keeps grabbing her knees and looking at me like: “What are you doing lady?! My knees are exposed!!” lol. 

I am still fighting an epic battle with WordPress when it comes to inserting photos into my posts. I click the button, drag and drop the file and then… nothing happens. They don’t know why it isn’t working, and I don’t know why it isn’t working but it is NOT working. Grr!! I have so many awesome photos to share with you Bloggies too!!!!

Anyway…. back to CampNaNoWriMo! I’m about 200 words away from my daily goal and I need to get on that. Until later Bloggies. 🙂