Erm… Hmm…

I had something witty and awesome that I was going to post about last night, but I decided to go to bed early. Now I can’t remember what it is I was going to write about… it should come to me soon… hopefully… maybe… lol

Well enough of that. This weekend was a really nice weekend. We didn’t go do anything special or crazy but we were able to hang out at home and just relax. We finished up a few projects here and there, enjoyed the super awesome nice weather we’re having in Nowheresville, and just hung out as a family. I know I say this like every other post, but Nora is getting so big!! She’s figured out her walker so she is following me all around the house now.

The other day when I was fixing dinner and she was scooting around in the living room I got the first pant tug. I was stiring rice on the stove for dinner and felt this little tug tug on my pant leg. I turned around to see who it was (because the dog has a tendancy to snif and chew on me) and it was my Little. She scooted herself from the living room into the kitchen to find me. She tugged on my pants, looked up at me, stuck her tongue out, then smiled and scooted back into the living room. Lol. It was pretty much the most adoreable thing ever.

I also found her one of those wire and wooden bead toys that they used to have at the pediatricians offices. You know the wires on the wooden frame that have the different colors of wooden beads on them and look like a roller coaster?? I would post a picture if I could figure out how on this stupid WordPress blog…. anyway… we found her one and she just loves it. She’s just starting to sit up on her own so I plopped her down in front of it and her eyes lit up like there was nothing better in the world. Lol. She’s still working on her fine motor skills so she couldn’t really push and pull the beads along with wires yet but you could see her little mind exploding with awesome. Lol

Anyway… I need to get off here and eat breakfast and do responsible things. Lol until later Bloggies. 🙂

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  1. lol I’ll keep trying!! I think it might be my internet. I’m having all sorts of problems with uploading things. Next Monday I will actually have RELIABLE service. I won’t know what to do with myself then. lol


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