The light bulb just illuminated over my head this afternoon as I was perusing the internet for the umpteen billionth time today. I thought to myself, gee I spend so much time on line. I should probably be doing something better with my time. And then I realized that while I DO spend a whole lot of time online, it’s only after all of my other duties are done and when I am nursing my Little. Then I thought to myself, well why don’t I get out with friends and do something?? Oh yeah… that’s right. All of my friends live out of town and have jobs.  They can’t go hang out at 11am during the week days. Being a stay at home mom is practically unheard of these days. I’m sure there are more out there in Nowheresville, but I have yet to encounter them. lol. Probably because we’re all sitting at home blogging and cleaning while the kids are napping. If we aren’t taking a nap ourselves anyway.

So it’s not that I choose to sit around and do nothing all day, my online things are my feeble attempt at human interaction with some one other than my seven month old. I NEED to be connected in some way to keep from going crazy. Believe me, if the opportunity arrises I am all about leaving the house for some actual hanging out time. On the weekends when Kevin is home we are hardly ever in the house for more than an hour or two at a time. lol. Anyway…

That was just my profound thought of the day. It’s not a long one, but it’s whateves…. ALSO the new Sweet and Sour Chicken Helper? AMAZINGLY AWESOME. I am going to work this into our weekly meal rotation. It actually has a lot less sodium than sweet and sour from a restaurant and it is just as delicious. 🙂 Yes… now I’m going to go eat another bowl… lol until later Bloggies. 🙂