On a Mission

My Hubs needs a new spine. Not to say that he is SPINELESS, but literally he needs a new spine. It’s really been bothering him here lately and I am trying to convince him that he needs to go see a doctor. It is my new mission to get him in to the doctor to see about fixing his back. Not in like an annoying nagging way, but… well okay so it probably will be an annoying nagging way, but it’s only because I care and don’t want him to be in constant pain.

Besides that, right now is the perfect time to do it. We’ve paid off a lot of our bills, we’ve adjusted to baby expenditures, we have excellent insurance, and the house is paid for we just have to pay my parents and utilities. If ever there was a time that he should undergo major surgery it would be now. Not that I ever WANT him to undergo major surgery, but if he has to he has to y’know? 

He crushed a whole bunch of disks before I met him, and has neglected them until this point. I know it’s really bothering him because he’s been talking about it a lot. He HAS to be in googles of pain to keep mentioning it because he is like me. He won’t go to the doctor unless he is crippled in pain or next to death. It’s pretty serious. 

Anyway… I’ve been putting off my NaNo writing all day running around doing errands and what nots so it’s time to get serious with that. Until later Bloggies!