I Have A Confession

I hate showering in new places. It’s one of the things I hate most about moving. It’s a silly little completely irrational fear, but I just hate it. Being in a new place where I can’t hear when the water is running and behind the curtain where I can’t see… I always feel like some one is sneaking up on me, especially in bathrooms with windows. Thankfully both of our bathrooms are sans window so I get over it rather quickly after the first shower, but it is still an annoying irrational fear.

I also have this super insane fear of leaving our new house after dark. Normally that isn’t a problem but with this house I am ultra creeped out. My spine literally tingles and I feel like some one is waiting in the shadows watching me. It’s probably our neighbors… they are incredibly nosey, and very particular with what we do to and around our house. It also gives me the heeby jeebies that they way the neighborhood was layed out you can see into one window of every house on the block from every window of our house. It’s the way the neighborhood was built way back in the day, but I sincerely don’t like it.

Alright, it’s late and Nora has a doctors appointment in the morning. I’m going to hide under my covers from the boogie man. Lol until later Bloggies. 🙂