Well Hello There

So my internet router decided to die a fantastic and terrible death over the past week, and I have been fighting with mobile WordPress ever since. I’ve finally slayed the mobile WordPress beast! Lol so after a brief break I’m back!

Hmm…. what’s been going on? Nothing of spectacular importance. Well other than the fact that I finished up the guest room and bathroom this week. It’s all decorated, painted, and pretty. I don’t know how long it will STAY that way but right now, it’s awesome right now. Lol. I’m planning on finishing Nora’s room today, and this weekend we’re going to finish the living room and hallway. After that the only thing left is the third bedroom and we’ll be ready to finish moving in!

I’ve been slowly moving things every day this week. Taking one small box here and there. Thus far it seems to be working out okay that way. I’ve snuck most of the cook ware and all of the groceries to the house, and every time we do a load of laundry it gets “left behind”. Really the only thing we NEED to move to never have to come back to the apartment would be the beds. That’s currently all we’re doing at the apartment. Sleeping. We come back, go to bed, wake up in the morning and go back to the house. Most days before breakfast even.

Although we really can’t move completely in until we finish our bed room. Lol. It just needs drywall and paint to be habitable. We need to find carpet too, but that’s mostly a luxury at this point. I just want to be MOVED IN already!! Especially since I have to spend all of my time there and I’m running out of projects… lol

Anyway… the dog needs something so I better go. Until later Bloggies!