Good news!! A few weeks back I mentioned that my chiropractor found a concerning mole on my back and I was going into the new year with a potential cancer diagnosis. I finally got all the test results back and as mishappen, and googly looking … Continue reading B9


*** TRIGGER WARNING *** I usually don't mark this date as anything significant. One reason being that I don't clearly remember if this is the exact date that I endured a profound traumatic event. I remember it being three weeks post another trauma anniversary and … Continue reading 12

Black Wave 

The Patchwork Diaries


Not only have I been wrestling with flashbacks of the break in at my apartment, Little has been struggling with her own. They only seem to bother her when her stress threshold reaches a certain point. As much as I hoped and wished for her to avoid it, she seems to have inherited the PTSD gene or series of genes or whatever genetic factor that contributes to a predisposition toward unresolved trauma.

We’re navigating these uncharted waters together. I’m able to cope with my own struggles, and I’m doing my best to teach her age appropriate coping techniques. All of her emotions are relatively new territory being so young, and what I’ve shared with her seems to be helping at least redirect her mind away from her memories.

It’s been heart breaking to watch her going through this. Heart breaking, and in a selfish way helpful for my recovery. It…

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